EverQuest "Call of the Forsaken" Tradeskills
Everquest's 20th expansion, Call of the Forsaken, includes new trade skill recipes for:  Alchemy,  Baking & Brewing,  Fletching,  Jewecraft, Poisoncraft,  Pottery Smithing,  Tailoring,  Tinkering  and  Research

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Stac's Ancient Relic on Staisfaction / Abyss  Mortok's Cobalt Cafe - Satisfaction / PeakEdwaurd's Opulent Ancient Greek Temple  Stac's LMS Liberation & LMS Explorer touring Wolf Head Bay
These creations were built by our team at Landmark Explorer. Come join us and let's build something great together!



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Choose a Tradeskill


Armor, Weapons & Shields

Temporal Soldier Chain HelmEthernere Traveler's BladeOtherworldly BladeEthernere Assassin's DaggerDistorting Guard
Everquest Loom


Armor, Bags & Weapons

Ethernere Traveler CapEthernere Traveler JerkinChronomage GlovesChronomage RobeEthernere Traveler Belt

Fletching Recipes


Bows, Weapons, Arrow, Shield

Ethernere ArrowPetrified Wood ShieldLongbow of Time's ReflectionEthercharged QuarterstaffBleakwood Tonfa

Everquest Brew Barrel

Baking & Brewing

Food, Drinks & Potions

Everquest Jewelcraft Table


Rings, Earrings & Face Mask

Everquest Pottery Wheel


Clay & Seals

Everquest Tinkering Table


Machine, Switch & Device

Alchemy Recipes


Elixirs & Potions

Poison Recipes


Poisons & Toxins

Research Recipes

Tradeskill Books

Recipe Books & Scrolls