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  Ethernere Essence               
Ethernere Essence (dropped & Foraged)
This is used in almost every Call of the Forsaken Tradeskill Recipe. Currently has a low drop rate, but it can also be foraged in Ethernere Tainted West Karana, Neriak 4th Gate, Bixie Warfront and Dead Hills.
These are popular in the Bazaar.

Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Size: TINY
Weight: 0.0
Stacks: 100
Merchant Pays: 2sp, 5cp
Item Lore: "An echo of time in physical form"
"This item can be used in tradeskills"

Note: Weight of 0.0 was added after launch.

Foraged & Dropped in:
Ethernere Tainted West Karana
Neriak Fourth Gate
Dead Hills
Bixie Warfront

Ethernere essence is used in nearly all "Call of the Forsaken" tradeskill recipes. Here is the list:


   Chronomage's Tonic
   Diluted Ethernere Elixir
   Elixir of Ethercleansing
   Ethermana Potion
   Ethernere Potion Grenade
   Ethernere Restoration Tonix
   Potion of Time's Renewal
   Vial of Time Slime 


   Bixie Honey Cakes
   Dead Hills Delight
   Ethernere Energy Chowder
   Forever Salad
   Temporal Pasta


   Essence Coffee
   Ethernere Spirits
   Ethernere Travel Brew
   Lost World Fruit Juice
   Time Tea

      Ethernere Arrow
      Petrified Wood Shield
      Bleakwood Tonfa
      Ethercharged Quarterstaff
      Ethernere Charged Pike
      Etherpiercer Javelin
      Etherwood Greatclub
      Fieldsplitter Shortbow
      Longbow of Time's Reflection
      Spear of Lost Time


      Etherbolt Ring
      Mask of Time's Rest
      Otherworld Earring
      Ring of the Next Era


      Blood Degradation Potion
      Body Rot
      Etherbrewed Toxin
      Temporal Toxin


      Ethernere Essence Clay

   Chain Armor
      Temporal Soldier Chain Shirt
      Temporal Soldier Gauntlets
      Temporal Soldier Leggings
      Temporal Soldier Helm
      Temporal Soldier Boots
      Temporal Soldier Sleeves
      Temporal Soldier Bracer
   Non-Visible Armor
      Dimensional Warrior Belt
      Dimensional Warrior Gorget
      Temporal Soldier Waistwrap
      Temporal Soldier Chain Mantle
   Plate Armor
      Dimensional Warrior Breastplate
      Dimensional Warrior Gauntlets
      Dimensional Warrior Greaves
      Dimensional Warrior Helmet
      Dimensional Warrior Sabatons
      Dimensional Warrior Vambraces
      Dimensional Warrior Wristguard
      Distorting Guard
      Refraction Tower Shield
      Blade of Eternal Tempering
      Chronomagic Axe
      Distortion Greatsword
      Ethernere Traveler's Blade
      Shifting Glaive
      Warped Baton
      Mace of Regression
      Ethertipped Stilleto
      Otherworldly Blade
      Ethernere Assassin's Dagger
      Trident of Tomorrow
      Ethermasher Maul
      Timesplitter Throwing Axe

   Cloth Armor
      Chronomage Armwraps
      Chronomage Gloves
      Chronomage Hood
      Chronomage Robe
      Chronomage Shoes
      Chronomage Trousers
      Chronomage Wristband
   Leather Armor
      Ethernere Traveler Armguards
      Ethernere Traveler Boots
      Ethernere Traveler Bracer
      Ethernere Traveler Cap
      Ethernere Traveler Gloves
      Ethernere Traveler Jerkin
      Ethernere Traveler Pants
   Non-Visible Armor
      Chronomage Sash
      Chronomage Shawl
      Cloak of the Past
      Ethernere Shimmering Cloak
      Ethernere Traveler Belt
      Ethernere Traveler Shoulderpad
      Warping Cloak
   Transcendent Bags
      Unexpanded Tailored Transcendent Backpack
      Unexpanded Tailored Transcendent Bag
      Unexpanded Tailored Transcendent Belt Pouch
      Unexpanded Tailored Transcendent Haversack
      Unexpanded Tailored Transcendent Pack
      Unexpanded Tailored Transcendent Rucksack
      Unexpanded Tailored Transcendent Sack
      Unexpanded Tailored Transcendent Satchel
      Unexpanded Tailored Transcendent Tool Belt

      Ethercharged Bola
      Ethernere Coated Whip

      Ethernere Machine
      Temporal Shifting Device
      Renewal Field Switch