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   Warrior - Paladin - Ranger - Shadow Knight - Rogue
              Player Made/Crafted (Fletched) Ammo
 Ethernere Arrow Ethernere Arrow
Race: ALL

Size: SMALL          Base Damage:  20
Weight: 0.1          Range: 125
Required Level: None            
Skill:  Archery           
Type: Arrow     
Crafted: Yes     
Stackable: 100     
Merchant pays: 5sp (cheapskates!)     
Tribute: 1     
Expansion: "Call of the Forsaken"     
Recipe: "Ethernere Arrows" - Non-Scribed

This item is crafted by players and was added with the "Call of the Forsaken expansion.

Note: Ethernere Arrow currently has the highest damage rating in EverQuest. It's certainly on Ranger's "must have" list. Don't forget to get 2 of them: one for your Ammo slot and one to go in your quiver to take full advantage of your quiver's haste bonus.

: The "Ethernere Arrow" recipe was only available here on EQExplorer when "Call of the Forsaken" went live because the scroll ("Ethernere Arrows") with the recipe in-game remains illusive. Our info came first from the Beta test. During the first 4 days of the expansion's launch, Ethernere Arrows sold in the bazaar (on most servers) for 5,000pp ea. until the recipe here was posted on Allakhazam! Average price now seems between 50pp - 100pp.

Ethernere Arrow
Recipe: (makes 50 per combine)

  • Ethernere Essence*
  • Fine Feathers*
  • Small Groove Nocks  -  Fletcher Lenvale (Fletching MerchantPoK
  • Hooked Arrowheads  -  Fletcher Lenvale (Fletching MerchantPoK
  • Bundled Steel Arrow Shafts  -  Fletcher Lenvale (Fletching MerchantPoK
(Trivial 335) 
(Merchants listed reside @ Merchant Alliance Plaza in PoK)

Ethernere Arrows stats

The recipe is found in on a non-scribable scroll titled: "Ethernere Arrows"

Ethernere Arrows (Fletching)
(Not available from Scribe Zikett) and still illusive!
Scroll - Ethernere Arrows