"Call of the Forsaken" Tinkering Recipes are learned from the book titled: "Ethernere Machines"
 (from  Scribe Zikett (Tradeskill Books) in Plane of Knowledge)

This list of recipes includes: Some Whacky Stuff

*Trade Skill "Drops" required for these recipes include:
Ethernere Essence (new), Steel Ingot (new)

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                      Devices (Ethernere Machines)
Ethernere Machine 
Effect: Activating Machine (Casting Time: 0.5)
Spell Effect: Randomly affects the target with Time Blink, Distortion Rewind, or Ethernere Leech.
  • Ethernere Essence*
  • Sprockets  -  Engineer Beri (Tinkering MerchantPoK
  • Static Orb  -  Engineer Beri (Tinkering MerchantPoK
  • Steel Wire  -  Engineer Beri (Tinkering MerchantPoK
  • Cogs  -  Engineer Beri (Tinkering MerchantPoK
  • Contraption Parts  -  Engineer Beri (Tinkering MerchantPoK
  • Steel Ingots*
(Trivial 335)

Temporal Shifting Device 
Effect: Desynchronized (Casting Time 0.5)
Spell Effect: Increases Dodge and Armor Class.
  • Ethernere Essence* 
  • Metal Shaft  -  Engineer Beri (Tinkering MerchantPoK
  • Reflective Shard  -  Engineer Beri (Tinkering MerchantPoK
  • Cogs  -  Engineer Beri (Tinkering MerchantPoK
  • Copper Sheet  -  Engineer Beri (Tinkering MerchantPoK
(Trivial 402)

Renewal Field Switch 
Effect: Temporal Adjustment (Casting Time 0.5)
Spell Effect: Restores health over time, but lowers attributes.
  • Ethernere Essence*
  • Gnomish Heat Source  -  Jeweler Nonny (Jewelry Supplies) PoK
  • Cured Leather Tubing  -  Engineer Beri (Tinkering MerchantPoK
  • Metal Twine  -  Engineer Beri (Tinkering MerchantPoK
  • Metal Fastening (3)  -  Engineer Beri (Tinkering MerchantPoK
(Trivial 428)