"Call of the Forsaken" Tradeskill Recipe books 
(from Scribe Zikett (Tradeskill Books) in Plane of Knowledge) Note: Scribe Zikett does not sell the scroll "Ethernere Arrows" and it is still illusive in-game.

The new Tradeskill Book for Fletching is listed in detail below: "Ethernere Arrows" & "Equipment of the Ethernere"
   Fletching "Call of the Forsaken" Tradeskill Books
  Ethernere Arrows (Fletching)
(Not available from Scribe Zikett)

"Ethernere Arrows

-New arrows can be created by using the potency of the ethernere. Instructions follow.

In a fletching kit combine the following:
Small Groove Nocks - Hooked Arrowheads
Bundled Steel Arrow Shafts - Fine Feathers
Ethernere Essence"

   Fletching "Call of the Forsaken" Tradeskill Books
  Equipment of the Ethernere (Fletching (and Smithing & Tailoring))
All other fletching recipes are learned by scribing this book.


Some of you may have noticed this essence of ethernere that has been appearing.

What you may not have noticed, is that it is excellent for creating powerful weapons and armor.
 <The following pages contain detailed schematics on various weapons and armor. You can copy them down to learn the recipes.>