Guide to Transcendent Bags  - Scribe to learn

Required for making 20-Slot Heirloom Tailored Transcendent Bags!

from  Scribe Zikett (Tradeskill Books) in Plane of Knowledge (note: he currently doesn't have the "Guide to Transcendent Bags", but will have this guide after then next patch on live.)

    Tailoring - "Call of the Forsaken" Tradeskill Books
  Guide to Transcendent Bags (Tailoring) 
All EQ CotF 20-Slot (Trivial 15) Transcendent Bag tailoring recipes are learned by scribing this book. Check here to see the full list of Transcendent Bag recipes.

Recipes learned from scribing this book include:
Tailored Transcendent Bag
Tailored Transcendent Belt Pouch
Tailored Transcendent Haversack
Tailored Transcendent Pack
Tailored Transcendent Rucksack
Tailored Transcendent Sack
Tailored Transcendent Satchel
Tailored Transcendent Toolbelt
Heavy Tailored Transcendent Bag
Heavy Tailored Transcendent Belt Pouch
Heavy Tailored Transcendent Haversack
Heavy Tailored Transcendent Pack
Heavy Tailored Transcendent Rucksack
Heavy Tailored Transcendent Sack
Heavy Tailored Transcendent Satchel
Heavy Tailored Transcendent Toolbelt

              Colored Tailored Transcendent Bags

Tailored Transcendent <color> Backpack 
Recipes: Tailored Transcendent Backpack & (see dyes below)
Green = 
Green Dye*
Orange =  Red Rust Dye*
Black = Black Dye*
Blue = Blue Dye*
Pink = Red Dye*, Light Yellow Dye*, Lye
Purple = 
Blue Dye*, Light Grey Dye
Red = 
Red Dye*
White = 
Light Yellow Dye*, Lye
(Trivial 15)
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Note: Each Dye is created with Resin and a Medium Clay Jar (which is consumed when combined).